What is there to say about Alvenia?? Well what a madam, if a dog can be naughty, then she is that dog, from being a little cute bundle of fun that got herself into all sorts of mischief ,to the great big bouncy girl she is today, nothing has changed.


Alvenia has always been very close to her mum, at all times she is there at her mum's side, walking eating and sleeping, and hopefully this year will see mum and daughter together in the show ring in brace classes.


Alvenia has had a fantastic start in her show career, in her very first show under breed judge Mrs Olivia Bates (Danemoor great danes) she qualified for Crufts Dog Show, and to our utter delight during that show she was awarded VHC Special Puppy Bitch, (not bad for a beginner)

The picture below shows Alvenia at 8 months practicing for her first appearance at Crufts.

Since the puppy years, Alvenia has certainly matured into a beautiful young dog, constantly in the placings in both Open and Champtionship shows.  Alvenia has gained numerous entries into the Kennel Club Stud Book form Limit Bitch classes, and at present, she is in 3rd position in the South Western Great Dane Club Colour League.

Below is recent Photograph of Alvenia following her 2nd in Limit Bitch and 1st in Special Fawn Bitch under breed judge John McGlynn (Allours Great Danes)


My naughty puppy finally grew up into the Beauty she is today.