Maggie is our much loved Heinz 57 !

Dam ?? x Sire?? D.O.B. 13/03/1998

Maggie was brought into the family as our son Todds dog but also to keep our dane Molly as young and active as possible. Now the roles have changed with Phoebe keeping Maggie on her toes. As the second picture above shows sometimes she needs a little protecting !

As you can see Maggie and Phoebe are very close. Maggies new nickname is "Auntie Maggie" in preperation for the pups. The last picture above, a warning not to leave socks lying around !!

Maggie and Phoebe enjoying the snow. Notice who chases who ! Maggie now has a full brood to keep a close eye on, and guess what, yes, she is still the boss.